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Quell combines the excitement of gaming with an intense, full-body workout tailored to you. Your body is the main controller, and you'll feel real resistance and powerful haptics with every move.You’ll explore an incredible world and take on fierce enemies by punching, dodging, sprinting, blocking, parrying, leaping, and casting spells, with every action having a clear exercise benefit.

Discover a world bursting with unique challenges and exciting enemies. Push yourself to earn incredible rewards, uncover secrets and unlock new powers. Every session is a fresh adventure. Improve and adapt to succeed. Our high-performance gaming controllers and  chest unit provide a rich gameplay experience, responsive gameplay control, and accurate and fast tracking.


Feel every punch with Quell’s real resistance and powerful haptics. Innovative motion tracking powered by machine learning gives you the ultimate immersive fitness experience. Upgrade your resistance as you grow stronger. The wearable is designed to give you freedom of movement, delivering both an immersive gaming experience and an intense workout.


Quell was designed in collaboration with professional athletes. Burn more calories than a spin class with a combat workout tailored to you. Track your progression in power, speed, endurance and accuracy. Lose yourself in a world where the hero gets stronger as you do, pushing you on to hit your fitness goals—no combat experience required.


The belt, resistance bands and wrist straps make it easy for anyone to pick up Quell and get started. It has been designed to fit perfectly around your body and fits a wide range of body types. Putting on the product is simple, so you don’t have to think about anything but having fun, working out, and getting stuck into the action.


Get started in under a minute. All you need is a PC. Connect to your TV for the big-screen experience. No cameras, no headsets. Light enough to take anywhere.

Quell is the perfect way to videogame away my aversion to exercise.

Kevin Lin, Co-founder Twitch

"I was so surprised at how intense the workout with Quell was. I was sweating from start to finish."

Claudia, National Karate Champ

It is definitely exercise but it doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels like a game!

Ryan, British National Boxer
Quell Console + Launch Game
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Thrilling fights, intense fitness, and an entire world to explore. With real resistance, powerful haptics, immersive gameplay, and gym-quality exercise, pre-order the world’s first fitness console. Also includes our launch game (free for a limited time).

This product is still in development. This means that some parts and features might be different when we ship.

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